10 Possible Worst Flat Fee Referral Companies

The war against "Flat Fee Referral Companies"... Yes, it's a war out there.  As Michigan's #1 Flat Fee MLS Direct & Local Listing service, we are  THE member of the local MLS that input and oversee your listing.   These other "Flat Fee Referral Companies are not licensed real estate companies.

It's a war fighting these referral companies with their deep pockets and huge programming budgets attempting to sway you, the consumer / home seller to list with them.  

BEWARE!   These companies below are NOT licensed real estate companies!

As a licensed Realtor, we must first understand that you cannot do a Flat Fee MLS Listing without a Realtor. That Realtor or licesned real estate company must me a member of the local MLS board to actually input your listing into the MLS.    All of the companies below ARE NOT Realtors but also represent that they can provide advise or assistance to sellers.   NOTE: You must be a licensed real estate agent to provide assistance or help with home sellers in our state.

Many of these companies represent they can help you... They cannot. They tend to have great programming and not only take your buyer leads but attempt to run your listing, leads, showings, offers and anything else through your site.  Attempting to run things through their site is the worst way to do things.  Realtors tend to avoid doing things the difficult way, going through these "Referral sites"...

Selling your home is typically one of the most stressful things in life. It's usually your largest asset too. This means you want the best. The best BBB rating, the most competent broker handling things to lower the stress level.

Reasons why you should not list with referral companies:

  1. They are not real estate companies.
  2. They are not the member of the mls to input your listing.
  3. They will capture any for sale by owner lead and sell it for profit.
  4. They make it very hard for agents to show your home.
  5. They are control freaks trying to be the new standard and platform running everything through their site.
  6. They only care about profit, not you nor the success of your home sale.
  7. They can not offer advise or help with the sale of your property.
  8. They are NOT licensed, therefore it is illegal for them to offer advise.
Reasons why you SHOULD list with us:
  1. We are the licensed Realtor that will get you into the MLS.
  2. We are the MLS members.
  3. We provide amazing service (helps increase the odds of a successful sale).
  4. We can provide full Realtor services helping from start to finish.
  5. We want  1000% satisfaction so you refer us to everyone you know.


Company Licensed Realtor? Member of the MLS? Take your buyer leads Offer help? Located in Michigan? BBB Accredited Can Do Full Service?
Houzeo no no yes Illegal as they are not licensed no no no
ListWithFreedomno no no yes Can't, not licensed no no no
Creekview Realty no no yes Can't, not licensed no no no
ListWithClever no no yes Can't not licensed no no no
FlatFeeMLS no no yes Can't not licensed no no no
Opendoor no no yes Can't not licensed no no no
Upnest no no yes Can't not licensed no no no
Homecoin no no yes Can't not licensed no no no
Brokerdirectmls no no yes Can't not licensed no no no
realestatewitch no no yes Can't not licensed  no no no

Kermath Realty has been a licensed Realtor in Michigan for over 25 years. The choice is simple.

Note / Disclaimer.  We are not attorneys nor represent we are. The above information is based on google searches of "Flat Fee MLS" companies.

Remember, in life we get what we pay for and although the above companies represent they can get you in the mls, they will find a broker who will input you for a few dollars.  

Thank you,
Jeff Kermath
Broker / owner