Step 3 -  How To Get Into The Home You Wish To See

This is perhaps the most difficult part of earning your rebate, getting into homes.  Remember, the listing agent works for the SELLER. As such, listing agents will typically want the buyer's agent to schedule the showings. If you ask the listing agent to get you in, there is often a resentment as this is our job or the job of the buyer's agent!  Additionally, if the listing agent gets you into the home they will think you are their buyer so no rebate!

So, how do we get into home?

1. Ideally, email us the home's address. We will then contact the listing agent. This way we are involved from the beginning so there is no issue.  We can also get info on if there are offers and other pertinenant information.
2. You can contact the listing agent to try to get in. Sometimes they will help, sometimes they won't. In either case though it's critical you tell them you have an agent.
3. Use Showami is a new app that will find an agent in the area of the listing you're interested in and show you the home for a small fee. Showami charges a small for the agent to get you into the home, usually $49.  This has to be sceduled through our office as we are the licensed broker. We would set it up, you see the home then you would need to reimburse us the fee.  This is the perfect solution really!

Remember:  The listing agent works for the buyer. They are typically NOT there to show homes to buyers unless it is their buyer.    The buyers agent (us) works for you, the buyer. Typically, the buyers agent contacts the listing agent to set up a showing.

If you can imagine, if you contact a listing agent and ask them to get you into a home their typical response is, "Have your agent schedule this".

This is where the frustration begins to set in...  Having listing agents not be that helpful. We can't blame them as again they work for the seller and they expect us, the buyers agent to "Earn our half" of the commission.

What do we do? How do we get in?     Simple! We have to somehow motivate the listing agent!


  • Make sure you let the listing agent know you are approved to buy your next home.
  • Make sure you tell them you already have a buyers agent.
  • Let them know how much you love the home and you're ready to buy.
  • Be courteous and respectful of their time.

Other Ways to motivate the listing agent:
  • Ask the listing agent for a convenient time for them to let you in.
  • Offer to pay them like $20 or $50. (Cash is always king). If you really are serious this is a small amount relative to the entire process.
These are only a few ways to motivate the listing agent.  Remember, some will be happy to get you in, some will expect us, the buyer's agent to get you in. It's up to you to how to motivate that listing agent. Be courteous, respect this and their time and you'll find if you explain things and try to motivate them, they'll get you in.

Step 4 -  How To Make The Offer!