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We obviously need to limit as much contact as possible during this time of crisis.
Flat Fee MLS Virtual Showings & Flat Fee MLS Virtual Tours are the key & easy to do!


Type of Phone Virtual Showing App / Directions How To Use
i Phone Facetime           Facetime is Apple's app to do video calls. Just download the app for your iPhone.
Android Google Duo      Google Duo is the preferred app for Android users. Download it and go!

NOTE: The above is ONLY for when Realtors want to do a Virtual Showing. Having Facetime or Google Duo enables you and the agents to set up a Virtual Showing. You will walk them through your home just like a regular showing but it is a virtual showing.

You will also need to do a "Virtual Tour" (don't confuse virtual showing with virtual tour).

There are 2 types of Virtual Tours

1. UnBranded: 
 The MLS allows ONLY unbranded tours. This means that the virtual tour cannot contain ANY phone / email or other contact / advertising information.  It must be unbranded (no contact information) or they will not allow it.  These "Unbranded Virtual Tours" are the regular, old style where you hire a company to come out and do it for a fee.  Google "real estate virtual tours" there are tons of companies out there that do them for a small fee.

2. Branded:   Branded virtual tours allow us to add our company info and your info. This is important because branded virtual tours enable buyers to contact you direct thus avoiding commission!

How To create your own Flat Fee MLS Virtual  Tour

Step 1. Create the video

  1. First we need to create a video. This can easily be done from your phone by choosing the Photo app then scroll to do a video as opposed to a photo.
  2. Practice your videos like anything else. It may take several tries but make sure your yard is clean as is your home, lights on, shades open, just like a showing, super clean and ready!
  3. As you walk around narrate your home. Keep it short and business like describing the features of your home. Remember, all business.
  4. After you created your video you will need to get the video / virtual tour to your computer (then us). Usually this will be a LARGE file, too large to simply email so you'll need to use another method. 
  5. If you have an iPhone you use the app. "airdrop". (This should be installed on your phone).  If you have an Android you can use Drop Box.  If you don't have an account you'll need to create one, it should be free.  There are other methods but the idea is to get your video from your phone to your computer. (If you're experienced you can upload it from your phone direct.
  6. After you upload your flat fee mls virtual tour to YouTube, Drop Box or another app you'll need to "Share" it with us. Click "Share" then email us the link. 

So, the video will need to be hosted somewhere.  YouTube is an easy, common one to utilize.

Other notes on YouTube


  • If you don't have a YouTube account you'll need to create one ( I know another account.. oh well, a must do).
  • Click create an account or login. You Tube is part of google so it will take you a screen to log into Google.
  • After you've logged into Google it will return you to the YouTube sceen.
  • Click on the video icon with the plus "+" sign in the upper right then there is a drop down screen to "Upload Video".
  • Upload the video then email us the link on your YouTube video and we will upload it!
 This may sound like allot of work but I don't think it will take more than an hour of your time and it is time well spend on selling your home.
I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

I hope this helps during this time of social distancing.

Jeff Kermath
Kermath Realty LLC
broker / owner


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