Times are changing in the real estate industry! Please see the article on the lawsuit here.


A long overdue lawsuit has finally found you, the home seller in the drivers seat!  High commissions are finally going away! Our flat fee model is positioned perfectly to benefit you, the seller, saving you even more money on high commissions. Our Flat Fee MLS model means you only pay a fee to list in the mls. When a buyer's agent contacts you, the commission can be negotiated. Now you can offer what you wish!

We still give you the same, great, flat fee mls listing. However, as agents approach you, the commission can be negotiated.   It is completely up to you what commission you wish to offer should a buyer's agent bring an offer.

There has been talk of having buyers pay for the buyer's agents' commission. However, in the real world, most buyers have a hard enough time saving up for a down payment.  Aside from the occasional cash buyer having a buyer pay commissions still may not be feasable but it's a whole new world out there!