Full Service - How To Handle The Offer
With most of our listings we have the seller's contact info in the mls for agents to contact sellers direct for showings.  The only problem with this is when an offer is coming, often times agents will call or text you the seller questions relating to offers.  We do not want agents contacting you with any questions relating to offers, or anything other than questions regarding your home.  Some agents are unscrupulous and will attempt to get information on your home or try to feel you out as to how negotiable you are as a seller... Do not answer any questions relating to the purchase or give away any info on how negotiable you may be!

How to do things the ideal way:

1. Direct agents to email you and me.  This way we are all in a loop and I can help.  Additionally, everything is in writing and can be saved to your address.  If they get in the habit of texting you they will later then I'm cut out and can't help.

2. Tell them not to read the instructions in the mls, this says to email offers to you and me, this way there are no delays.

3. When the buyer's agent emails the offer to you and us we can then go over the offer together to determine the best strategy.

If the offer is close we can discuss strategy. If the offer is low then usually I recommend we send and "Email counter" to the agent instead of making a formal counter in writing. When we send an email counter offer I have found that if you the seller compose an argument as to why we are countering at our desired price it works best. When you create an argument as to the counter, site the reasons like improvements, what you've done to your home, anything that supports why we are coming back and the desired counter price.

If we can come to terms then we can do the formal counter offer in writing and hopefully get a signed deal!

Thank you,
Jeff Kermath