How To Do & Schedule Showings (The right way)

  • We put your name, number and email in the mls so agents can contact you direct for showings.
  • Most agents want to come through the home WITHOUT the owner being there. It is very uncomfortable to have a seller there and will in some cases stop any possible offer.
  • Your best solution is to have a lockbox on the door then as agents request showings they get the lockbox to get in.
  • Most agents prefer to use an app. called, "ShowingTime". see below for information on how it works.

1. Agents search and find your home and wish to show it.  They click a little "Showingtime icon to schedule

they request a showing and when they do the request comes to you and us via your cell phone as an email and text and also to your computer!
2. You simply "Accept" the showing.  When you do the agent sees the instructiosn which should HAVE A LOCKBOX IN THE SYSTEM!  Keep in mind the worst thing a seller can do is show the home. Agents do not want to see a seller it is very uncomfortable. So, we need the lockbox to put in the system.
3.  The agent sees the instructions / lockbox, ONLY after you authorize it, this is nice as the lockbox is not hanging out there for all agents to see. Additionally, this method leaves an electronic trail so we know who was in the home and when. Also, agents cannot schedule showings unless they are active and paying their dues.
For the most part we don't have too many issues with unlicensed agents and people stealing things.  However, you must be careful!

If an agent calls to schedule a showing:

  1. Ask the agent for the "i.d. number". This is the license number we all get from the state. Each time an agent shows a home they are ALWAYS ready to give their id number.
  2. You can confirm their status with the state here  You can do a quick search here. All agents that are active should be here.
  3. Call the agent's office if you wish to verify the agent actually works there.
  4. Leave the combo to your lockbox with the agent's office if you wish. This way you know for sure it will only be given to that agent if they work there. This is a  nice little trick.
  5. Email the agent next day for feedback if you wish.
  6. Never turn a showing down!!!

What to have at your home for ALL showings:

  1.  Have updated print out of your listing (the mls sheet). If you want to use another printout that is fine too.
  2. Sellers disclosures and lead based paint disclosures stapled to the brochure describing your home. This package should be on your kitchen counter in plain view so they can take one.
  3. An 8 1/2 x 11 printout taped to the front hall or left on your kitchen counter that says, "Please remove your shoes".
  4. Another piece of paper left in the kitchen next to the printout that reads:  Please leave your card and turn the lights off when you leave.
  5. Be sure your home is uncluttered.
  6. Make sure all of your lights are on.
  7. Simmer some spices or have candles going to create a nice smell in your home. There is nothing that turns people off than a home with an odd smell.

That's it, you're on your way to the perfect showing.