Sell Direct - Buy Direct + MLS Listed!

Our sign:  Our sign is designed to route buyers direct to you! This way you avoid any buyer's agent commissions! 

At Kermath Realty / Flat Fee Michigan, our goal is to give you the same, great advertising as a traditional Realtor at a fraction of the cost! With us you get the same Flat Fee MLS listing as you would with a traditional Realtor. However, we refer buyers direct to you! If the buyer comes direct you eliminate Buyer's Agent's Fees! 

How will buyers find me direct?

1.  Our sign: Our sign utilizes our website,  Buyers see the sign, scan the QR code then easily search the address. When buyers search, they will find your name, number and email address to contact you direct.  We have yard signs depending on which program you order. Here is a copy of the sign. Note the QR code, scan it on your phone, it will take you to the search page so buyers can find you, the seller direct!

2. Any incoming calls are referred to so buyers can contact you direct.

Q: What if I don't know how to draft the offer and process the deal?
A:  We can act as a transaction coordinator between both buyer and seller to: We charge a 1/2% fee (this fee can be split between both buyer and seller.

Q. How would it work if the buyer came direct?
A. Usually the seller and buyer have a discussion as to price. Once you come to terms, then we would write up an offer to purchase, have buyer's sign then sellers sign. We would then  help you from start to finish!  You can split our 1/2% fee at closing between the buyer and seller too!